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We are currently under refurbishment
The Arts Centre Hounslow is currently undergoing refurbishment works which means we have a more limited selections of shows, our full artistic programme will return in the Autumn of 2018.
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Festival of Mental Health & Wellbeing

When? 8th-14th October

It is with absolute pleasure that we welcome you to The Arts Centre, Hounslow's very first FESTIVAL SEASON.

This exciting week will mark the start of the centres new life as a festival theatre. We are incredibly excited to invite you on a journey of exploration as our first festival tackles the subject of Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Tale Be Told Theatre
Silent Uproar
Ella Mesma Dance Company
Middle Child Theatre
Tangram Theatre Company
Lion House Theatre
Youth Theatre
We provide a unique environment for performance based learning. We run three terms per year on a Saturday and offer quality training in acting. All our tutors are industry professionals who nurture and help develop every individual’s confidence and performance skills.
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Animal Farm

Youth Theatre Production

When? 24th November at 6pm

Duration? TBC (1-2 hours)

A talented team of 7-18 year olds work on-stage and backstage to present one of the greatest stories of the 20th century. Manor Farm has fallen on hard times under the ownership of spiteful drunken farmer, Mr Jones. Tired of the hard life under human rule, the starving animals drive their wicked master off the land.

The sun rises on the reborn ‘Animal Farm’, a perfect home for those who walk on trotters, hooves or webbed feet. “All animals are equal” – everyone gets an equal share of food for an equal share of work. Life is good, and pleasures are plenty.
But it isn’t long before the pigs take charge and things start to turn sour. While all animals are equal, some are more equal than others. Will the farm revolt again? George Orwell’s Animal Farm has gripped readers since it was first published in 1945, but is rarely seen on stage. This unflinching exploration of personal freedom bursts into life in a new production by the LCPA Youth Theatre, following their production of Grimms Tales (Summer 2018).

Robin Hood the Pantomime - Coming December 2018

This December The Arts Centre, Hounslow in association with Ashby & Ryder Pantomimes are proud to present Robin Hood. Join the legendary tights-wearing hero for a swashbuckling, arrow-slinging comedy adventure!
Robin Hood, the prince of thieves is on a mission with his merry band of men to get robbin’ the rich to feed the poor. Along the way he meets fair Maid Marion and they must undertake a quest to save the poor people of Hounslow from the evil Prince John who is plotting to steal the crown. Will they save the day? 

Our 2017 pantomime promises to be packed full of laugh-out-loud comedy routines, show-stopping songs and heaps of audience participation. And remember, why did Robin steal from the rich?.......Because the poor didn’t have anything worth stealing.